Westworld has completed almost half of the third season and has already started weaving a fairytale complex enough for its characters. The science fiction series is currently juggling a number of stories inside and outside the park as it lays the foundation for a possible war led by Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood) and Mave Millay (Tandy Newton). One of the biggest puzzles of the season – which was clearly explored in the third episode – is exactly what happens to Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson). After the real Charlotte was clearly killed in the park massacre in season 2, Dolores used one of her copies of the corpses to smuggle herself out of the park – along with many other beads containing the thoughts of other masters.

As mentioned in the third episode, Dolores placed one of the jewels in a copy of Charlotte’s body, giving information about what happened in the case. Since Charlotte did this – she was dealing with a broken family abandoned by the real Charlotte – there was no confirmation from the host by whom this whole charade took place. Of course, that didn’t stop Westworld fans from thinking about who Charlotte really is – and how that might affect the show in the future. Here are some of our favorite theories.


The Western World by Teddy James Marsden (Photo: HBO)

It was almost since the beginning of the first trailer of the 3rd season, especially considering the hug between Charlotte and Dolores. Teddy Flood (James Marsden) certainly felt Dolores’ wild love and dedication, which eventually led to her tragic death at the end of the second season. While the question of how Teddy’s pearl was saved after his death, Westworld has certainly been written from a narrower angle before.

Certainly some elements of Charlotte’s behaviour supported this theory, especially in a modest way when it was first presented on the internet. But other aspects – Charlotte’s reprimands and the fact that she considers herself a predator – seem important steps away from the teddy bear we knew.


Western world of Klimentine (Photo: HBO)

Clementine Pennyfeather (Angela Sarafian) played an interesting role throughout the show because she was one of the first hosts created by the Argos Delos Initiative. Later in season 1, Clementine went from a sex worker at the Mariposa Saloon to one of Wyatt’s most loyal gang members, led by Dolores, whose ghost merged with Wyatt’s to commit a massacre in Escalanta. Later, Clementine was used as a kind of robot Typhoid Mary in season 2, which led many guests to the Valley of the Afterlife.

Even if Charlotte, who is Clementine, hadn’t been a turning point in history, she would still have brought an interesting story from the early days of the series and further complicated the science and technology behind her last performance in season two.


Angel of the Western World (Photo: HBO)

Another hostess dedicated to Wyatt’s crusade was Angela (Talula Riley), who doubled her popularity both in the park and with Wyatt’s gang. After all, she suffered a tragic and episodic death in season 7 – but it doesn’t seem entirely impossible for her to recover.

Once again, the revelation that she is Charlotte may not be too twisted, but it certainly doesn’t seem impossible.


Hector of the western world (Photo: HBO)

Although we saw Hector Escaton (Rodrigo Santoro) in the second episode of the third season, he ended up in a war simulation made for Mave Engerraund Serak (Vincent Cassel). This means that Hector’s real pearl has still not been considered – which could possibly be built for the interesting deus ex machina.

In one of the third season cars Mave seems to cry when he asks Charlotte who she really is, which can certainly indicate that it is someone close to him. Recruiting Dolores Mave’s lover by her side will certainly increase the tension in her next conflict and will be unexpected enough to work on the show.

The man in black

The western world – the man in black (Photo: HBO).

Although it looks like Ed Harris will play a role this season (especially with a trailer with Dolores next to his print), we haven’t seen a single film of The Man in Black in season 3. The last time we saw William’s old version was in the aftermath of the second season in the very, very distant future, where he was tested ad infinitum with the main version of his daughter Emily (Katya Herbers). It was never fully confirmed that William’s version took the lead, although he believed in many of the modern sequences of the second season.

What if the man in black is right after all this time? After all, he loves homeowners and the whole ecosystem that Delos created, which justifies Charlotte’s remark that his real version tried to kill us. And since we know that Delos and Incite were able to obtain data from the maps of even the most reluctant participants, the pearl of the man in black no longer seems to exist today.


Western Season 3 (Photo: HBO)

Okay, now listen.

Apparently, Dolores used Charlotte’s early copies to prevent detection. And if all the circumstances of the merger of Dolores and Wyatt were never fully explained, Westworld developed a rather strange canon in which he did not consider it impossible to split up into parts.

There is evidence to support the theory that Dolores is in fact Wyatt, while Charlotte is the purest form of Dolores. This would add a new level to many things in episode 3, including Dolores’ statement that no one understands her the way Charlotte does. Even the colour of her wardrobe – Dolores in black and Charlotte in white – could indicate the dichotomy of the two.


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