Why I pretended to laugh secretly because I didn't do it.

Chris Paul has shown an interest in one of the best moments of his career and the NBA in recent years. During Thunderstorm’s current casting session in Oklahoma City with State Gold Warriors superstar Stephen Kerry, several topics were discussed, including Kerry’s unpleasant transition to CP3 in 2015.

Paul also talked about the time he pretended to laugh at Steve Kerr’s remark. CP3 revealed why mime players often pretended to laugh, which is easier than we thought.

Why did I pretend to ridicule Steve Kerr? Because it’s not… funny, he said.

Why did I pretend to ridicule Steve Kerr? Because it wasn’t funny.

-Cry Paul about his timeless memory with Coach Kerr (via @CP3)

– 6. Sports Centre (@SportCenter) April 2020

Paul always had a great motivation to defeat the warriors. Since his days with the Los Angeles Clippers, the veteran has played some incredible duels against the Droves. This went on in his time with the Houston missiles. In 2018 the rockets had a 3-2 lead over the Warriors, but they lost the last two games of the Western Conference final and thus their best chance to defeat the archenemy.

Last year, Golden State Houston defeated in six second-round playoff games in which CP3 finally wore the Rockets jersey. In the last off-season, they were traded to Oklahoma City Thunder, making the team one of the best in the West despite a young core with little play-off experience.

However, the Warriors had a very bad season, playing many games without Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry. Next year seems to be a good year for the Golden Land, which has everything it takes to get back on its feet and become the great team it has been with for the past 5 years. We’re sure Paul and his young team will be waiting for them there.